It feels like spring arrived from one day to the other. Been waiting for some heat for ages it seems and all of a sudden there's spring flowers everywhere and the sun is shining. Amazing!

I feel great at the moment. Life's a blessing! There's no room for bullshit. I focus on happy things, block out all the ugly. I choose to be happy. Sounds corny I know but to a certain degree I believe our attitude towards stuff affects how we feel and what happens to us.

A big part of my well being is due to the fact that I no longer consume alcohol, aswell as working out on a regular basis. This sounds like a lecture but I'm just telling you how I feel. Not drinking is rough sometimes when people keep naging you about being a bore, but I breathe through it. It's my chose aswell. The anxciety and sickness afterwards isn't worth it to me. I love waking up clear.

Well...I just wanted to give you an update and some pretty spring flowers. And a selfie! Ofcourse. LOL.

Happy spring!

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