'Tis the season

Time flies, and it's almost Christmas again. Sort of in the mood but I'm not keen on the lack of snow. The darkness is devouring my energy levels and I'm struggling to keep up with all the things I want to do.

I'm all done with my Christmas shopping. I'm taking the easy way out this year with a twist on the whole commercial hype. Depending on the outcome I might be able to quit the whole thing with gifts next year. We'll see.

I've decorated the flat a bit. As usual without the traditional colors of Christmas, and without any sign of creepy Santa's. My favorite part of Christmas decorations is the lighting. Since this season is such a dark period in Sweden I enjoy the cozy lights and candles.

When it comes to the Christmas food, I have it easy this year. I've been invited to my BF's parents house, so no cooking for me. Yaaay! I look forward to dressing up and hanging out with them. I might bake something and bring it to the gathering but that's only if I get in the mood. No pressure!

I've enclosed a couple of the latest pics. Some decorations, some cat pics as usual and a selfie with my new Christmas inspired (not) hair color. I thought I might give Santa a run for his money when it comes to bright reds. LOL!

Pink Christmas in my living room

Sixten enjoying his new crib

Clean decorations in the rest of the flat. White/snow theme.

Sixten doesn't get the point of sharing the window with a stupid star  

Nap time in mums lap is cozy, especially when there's a new soft blanket. 

What do you mean? I've been a good boy and deserve Christmas gifts

My new advent candle holder. With a pink theme ofcourse! Skulls are very Chistmas-y right? 

The decoration that the city arranges in one of our roundabouts!  

And finally the red color on top of my head. Looove it! 

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