Pastel marble

Well maybe it's time for some nail art!? This is one from the vault. To be honest, I think I've lost my addiction to nail polish. I still have all of them but I rarely use them anymore. Perhaps I should get rid of some. But when I do take the time, I really love how my hands look with nail polish so I guess I'm not quite there yet.
This is a marble I did using the seran wrap method. And the colors I used is as follows:
Background: China Glaze #958 Sea Spray
Marble colors: Essence nail art twins Gabriella and Bella, China Glaze #847 2030

This was a design I really liked so I might have to recreate this one soon. The seran wrap method is such an easy nail art method (a bit messy though) to create all sorts of fun color combinations and looks. Almost a splatter effect.

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