Double Teal Gradient

I've been sorting my photo files lately and as a result I've found some unpublished nail art designs to share.

It sure comes in handy when months of nail neglect has made my hands look like a big ass mess with super short nails and dry cuticles. The neglect is a side effect from getting caught up in a new love life, fitness and other more exciting stuff than nail polish.

On top of it all I squeezed my right hand thumb in my car door a month ago. The nail has started to separate from the nail bed and looks all discusting.

Here's a nail art design that reqires plenty of time and patience. A gradient manicure with a double gradient twist.

I use makeup sponges to create the gradient look. First I paint the entire nail with the lightest color and let it dry compleatly. I then build the gradient by painting the colors (including the light one already on the nail) on to the makeup sponge. After that I start dabbing the nail with the sponge. By moving it a bit up and down the nail when you dab the colors will blend.

If you want to do the double gradient, you first need to let the first original gradient manicure dry compleatly. Then you need to seal off the parts where you want the first gradient to show through, I used striping tape for this one. A tape made for nail decorating. Then you will start building your gradient again by painting the same colors on the makeup sponge. But before you start dabbing your nail with the wet sponge you need to turn it upside down, making the gradient go the opposite way on your nail. Then remove the tape. Seal in your design with top coat. Best of luck!

The polish I used are both from Essie: "Parka Perfect" and "Vested Interest".

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