Highlights of 2014 in pics

January. Enjoying having a new funny kitten.

February. I keep working hard for my goals.
March. Shopping roadtrip with my BFF to the biggest mall in Sweden.
April. Night out with friends. Dressing up for a night can do wonders.
May. Metallica live - Sthlm Fields Festival. Dreams come true.
June. Summertime, making days matter with my best friends.
July. I make the hardest decision EVER and end everything I thought mattered.
August. My friends drag me out of my new flat to enjoy my vacation.
September. Cyprus with my mom. Sunshine, beachlife, clear water and no worries.
Oktober. Once again my friends are there. We went on a cruise and had a blast.
November. I'm starting to enjoy things more. Getting my life back.
December. The month of vierd and unexpected changes. But happy good things!

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