A Christmas-y update

December, the month of Christmas, has arrived and after my complete life transformation this year, I'm struggling a bit to get into any sort of Christmas spirit. The darkness of winter in Sweden is making everything just a little bit harder, but I'm trying my best to stay positive and active.

One of the great things about Christmas are all the lights, I love Christmas lights I'll tell you! Not in that crazy twinkling-Las Vegas kind of way, but I enjoy the tradition with decorations in windows and gardens. I'm doing it quite easy this year, keeping the decorations in line with the original colours of my flat. I'm not a sucker for red and that whole Disney-look with Santa's and reindeers everywhere isn't my cup of tea either.

So how do my Christmas look like? Well here's a couple of pictures for you to get an idea. Click the "Read more" tab below for more pics :)

My IKEA winter forest did well behind my Danish
design collection of ceramic houses

Pink! Yes, my stars are Pink. Deal with it.

My kitchen

On my balcony
My tiny tiny chrismas tree

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