Back in business! Sort of...

So I'm back I guess. The puzzle pieces are starting to fit together again, slowly. I feel like I left you with a cliff hanger back July and I think it's time to share with you guys what has been going on.

During my vacation I have been moving to my own apartment. Me and my (now ex-) boyfriend decided to split up after 10 years toghether. It was a hard decision to make but I feel like I had no choice if I wanted to come out of this with some kind of lust for life in the other end.

I'm not going to give you details on all the reasons for me leaving him. Just understand that I'm fine now and I hope he is too. We'll stay friends if possible and just take it one day at a time.

Luckily I have great friends who have helped me alot, both in the apartment and with making my vacation feel as good as possible.

I've been living in my new flat for about a month now and I wanted to share a couple of pics with you. As I left my 3 furry kids with my ex I also decided to get a new room mate :) His name is Sixten and he's the cutest maniac in town!
Living room
"Office/Manicure spot"
Decorated the closet doors in the bedroom with this amazing forest sticker
The new room mate

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