Sigge - Mr Furry Pants

I have a new kitty! Again! :)

We've had him since December 25th but I haven't talked about him until now because according to Swedish law you'll need to wait 3 months until you turn into the cats real owner. So now that he's mine I can share a photobomb of my new furry little guy.

He turned up on our doorstep on the 25th of December, talk about the puuurfect Christmas gift right? He was so tiny and was meowing his heart out, being lost, scared and hungry. I simply couldn't put him outside in the cold on his own again, so we took him in and fed him. He slept like a little ball snuggled up by my neck all night, and as soon as I moved he screamed and moved closer. The poor baby needed some love and affection.

I have done my best to find his real owner, but since he wasn't id-marked in any way I had no success. The little guy stole my heart the first night and today I'm so proud to call him mine!

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