Hot Pink Seran Wrap Mani

Here's my first attempt at a Seran wrap manicure. It's a technique where you paint your nails in one color and dab on another color using a scrunched up ball of seran wrap/ cling film, creating a marbled effect. Really pretty!  (There's a ton of tutorials for this on YT)

But I guess I should've used more contrasting colors to make it pop more. This is two colors from Ruby kisses and they're both neon colors. The lighter one is a pink neon called "Hot Pink Obsession" and the darker one is a purple neon called "Electric Purple". 

Since I'm not a huge fan of matte polish I topped my mani off with my favorite top coat: INM Northern Lights - silver holo. LOVE! 

Please click the "read more" tab for more pictures :)

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