Late! But here's my easter mani :)

I know...I should've posted this like two weeks ago. But I wasn't sure if I liked it enough until now. This didn't come out as planned at all. I realize I need to stamp more often to be able to get the results I come up with in my head. The placement of the feathers on the yellow nails are aweful, and only one of the purple nails got a clean and crisp white pattern. The other three are blurry and patchy. Grrr!
I actually liked this mani more before I did the stamping. I should've left it at that!
I've become so lazy with my photography. I'm using my phone way more than I should. I have a SLR for gods sake! I need to use it more. The quality of the phone pics are riddiculous if you compare...
I hope you all had a great easter though! I did!

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Rachel H sa...

I nominated you for a Liebster Award!!!!