P!nk baby!

Yuck, I've been posting way to many nail polish related posts lately. I guess that's because I live such a boring life. LOL! I rarely have someting new and exciting to talk about, although my brain keeps bugging me for being overloaded.

I do have ONE new fun thing to share. I'm going to see P!nk live in Stockholm in may. It's the "The truth about love tour" and I can't wait to se the show. I hope she brings all the effects and stunts to Europe aswell.

We´re the same group of people as last time, when we went to see Nickelback. Plus one boyfriend :) I sort of feel sorry for him already, having to deal with us four crazy B's. Haha!

Ok, I have to confess...I've already thought about concert nails. So sue me!

2 kommentarer:

Elin sa...

I want concert nails! I've thought about concert lips. Bought a hot pink lipstick :D

Linda sa...

Well u have the lips for it babe ;)