Happy ending!

About a week ago I found one of my cat girls, Iris, sleeping all day and moving in slow motion. She didn't have an appetite and was very low. I decided to wait until the next day to see if she would feel any better.
She didn't and I had to take her to the vet at the animal hospital. She hates the car so much and was screaming and freaking out in her cage the whole time.
She was such a good girl when the vet examined her. But I guess she didn't have the strength to do anything else. Look at that tiny sad face!
They did some blood work to see if they could find anything wrong. They also did an x-ray. Nothing vierd showed up though!
They decided to give her an IV since she was a bit dehydrated, and she sat like this in my lap for 2 hours. We went home after that.
The next day she started vomiting and I had to return to the hospital with her. She was hospitalized for 3 nights and they did extended studies and an ultrasound on her. She was given more IV and thanks to an ultra sound they finally found an infection in her digestive systems. She was given antibiotics.
She was able to come home this saturday and she is eating again wich means that mommy's very relieved!
She has been very affectionate since the day she came home. She doesn't leave my side for very long moments. I feel like she knows I helped her feel better. My baby!

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