Such an ass!

OMG! I'm such an ass. Guess what I did the other day? I dropped my Samsung Galaxy s2 in the freaking toilet at work.  I had it in the pocket of my cardigan and as was getting my pants of to do my business I heard a splashing noice. FUCK! Yeah, very clever! Idiot!

I totally paniced, picked it up from the toilet and removed the battery as fast as I could. Then tried to dry it of with paper. When I came home from work I put it in a bag of dried rice, hoping the rice would absorb any moisture left in the phone. I kept it there for 2 days.

Does it work? No. It's stone cold dead. Absolutly nothing there.

So I've had a couple of days with anxiety over the weekend. First of all no smartphone! OMG I have such an Android withdrawal. And secondly I've been trying to decide wich phone to get.

I've compared a couple of them but since I'm a bit greedy and very satisfied with the one I broke, I'm buying the same phone again. Haha!

And over to the next problem. I live in a small town. The options of stores who sell this phone is very limited. I got there on saturday and guess what!?! "Temporarily out of stock" Are you fucking kidding me? GAAAHHH!!!

I ended up ordering it online, today's monday and I'm about to kill someone if it doesn't show up tomorrow.

"I'm a twentyfirst century digital boy, I don't know how to live but I got alot of toys"

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