Nail polish break

So I don't know whats up with me. Something seems to be wrong since I have no inspiration for nails what so ever. The whole thing sort of makes me sick for some reason.

I have no problem with other people doing it but when it comes to my own nails and blogging about I think I need to take a break. Even though my nails are just a tiny part of my life I feel really superficial while writing about it. I know it sounds rediculous but I'm fed up.

A break will make focus on other stuff possible; other stuff that matters to me. I will continue painting my nails during this break just because I feel vierd without polish on but I'm not so sure if I'll blog about it. I'm not even sure if I'll keep my blog looking like it does with so much focus on nails. I might re-do the whole thing pretty soon.

I guess this means that this blog will go back to it's original idea a work as a diary more or less. So if you still wants to follow me, prepare yourself to read more about my life, thoughts and ideas. Perhaps even see some more photos since I have the urge to look into that part of my hobbies a bit more. I really want to learn more about photography and since I have the camera for it I guess nothing but time is stopping me.

I'm also about to see if genealogy is something I like. It's one of those things that is pretty big within my familly. Loads of relatives on my fathers side do it and my best friend Marie is also very into it. I think she's the reason for me being curious. So I'm giving it a try this fall.

While I figure out what to do with myself I'll give you a couple of cat pics to enjoy...

For now, adíos!

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