Thought I'd give blogging from my phone a try. Not sure how this will look but here we go...

Yesterday I went to get my eyes done. I've been wearing glasses since the age of 11 and I can't even tell you how sick of them (and contacts) I was.

So yesterday I got FS LASIK done on both eyes. The procidure was fast and pain free. Certainly a bit creapy when someone is touching your eye ball...LOL...but it was fine.

My eyes were sore the entire day yesterday but waking up today was awesome. No pain, no tears and the coolest thing: almost perfect vision! Still healing though so there are moments of cloudy sight.

I was, and still am, sensitive to bright lights. So I wear shades outside and infront of the tv/ computer.

Bye for now!

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natalsie sa...

So glad you're doing well!!! (IG @cats_n_nails)

Linda sa...

Naaw you're so sweet, thank you!