Nickelback concert + Nails

Last wednesday (sept 12th) I went to Stockholm with 3 of my friends to attend a Nickelback concert in the Ericsson Globe Arena. As you should all know by now I'm a huge fan and as you can imagine I was more than excited to be there.

As my "smart" phone didn't like taking pics and recording videos in that dark and loud arena I only have a few some what ok pictures to show you. No video because the audio is crap! :(

And ofcourse I had to do some concert nails. Totally dedicated to Nickelback and rock :)

Marie & Veronica outside the arena, super excited! :)

Vodka Tonic Time! Marie & me :)
Veronica & Elin, happy cuddly girls :)
In our seats waiting for the show to start
OMFG!!! NICKELBACK! LOL! You can see them right!?! :D
No we didn't get the best seats but at least we got tickets!
I loved every minute of it!
The concert nails
Much more sparkly IRL though...

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