Vacation inspiration, part 1

I guess being off work for 4 weeks makes you stress down enough to make your brain start to think of things you haven't thought of for months, even years. My vacation this year certainly did that and I got inspired to sketch and paint again. The last painting I did was back in 2010 and now that I'm up and running again I can't really understand why I ever stopped.

Although I felt a bit awkward in my first couple of brush strokes, but after a couple of sessions I feel great. It's coming back to me. But I realize I need to do it more often to maintain the knowledge.

Well I'll stopp rambling now and just show you the pictures. This time I'll show you 3 steps of my painting. It's not even close to being finished but I promise to post more pictures during the progress. These are pics from my phone so I guess the quality isn't all that great but here we go...

I have 4 days left of my vacation and I'm hoping to get plenty more done on this painting. I really don't feel happy about going back to work especially when I know how draining it is and how uninspired I get from it all. But I'm hoping this good mood lingers for a while anyways...


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