Nail Designs

It's been ages since I did something more creative with my nails. So when it was time for my roadtrip last weekend I thought it was a great excuse to put a little more effort on making my nails look fab.

I spent the weekend with my dad in the northern parts of Sweden, where he was born and raised. It's been 15 yrs since I last visited and it was more than beautiful up there. I will post some pics from the trip on friday.

The area (Jämtland) where we visited has it's own flag and I used it as an inspiration for my nail art.

How I did it: I put 2 coats of China Glaze - Moonshine as a base. Sponged a metallic blue from H&M at the base of my nail, starting at the cuticle working my way towards the middle of the nail. I then sponged on a sparkly metallic green from Depend #289 on the tip of my nails towards the middle. Since the moonlight polish from China Glaze was pretty sheer I also sponged on some random white polish in the middle of my nails making it blend together with the blue and green. I then top coated with INM Northern Lights, 2 coats.

I think it turned out pretty neat :)

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Sosa07ac sa...

Saw this on FB, pretty neat, the colors fade really well into each other

Linda Blixt sa...

Thanks :)