Birthday report

I celibrated my 30th birthday this weekend and I've had an awesome time. Friends and familly have all made me feel very special and I feel like such a lucky girl. I got alot of wonderful gifts...

  • Flowers
  • Whine
  • Chocolate
  • Giftbag with different locally produced cheeses (yummie to the whine!)
  • Perfume
  • T-shirt with feather print (can't wait to match the nails, lol!)
  • Scented candles
  • Body butter & bath salt
  • A pink notebook & pen
  • Jewelery
  • Pink sparkly phone cover
  • Pink garlic chopper :)
  • A tomato and green chilli plant
  • An awesome coffee cup with the text: STFU - very suitable for work! LOL!
  • A matching coffee cup set with skulls and crossbones
  • A new lens and other stuff for my SLR
  • Gift vouchers for a jewelery store, spa treatment, shopping mall, electronics store
  • Money

I hope I didn't forget anything now, but I'm so lucky!!!

As you can tell people gave me lots of pink stuff. It's vierd that they know I'm crazy for that color since I usually never wear pink other than on accessories. But on my birhday I decided to go nuts with the pink and here's a pic of me and my b-day mani. I will do a seperate blog post about the mani and the dress later on. It's a SPLATTER ladies and gentlemen! :)

 And finally I thought I'd share a pic of my birthday cake. It took me like forever to make even though it's not a decorated pretty one with sugar paste and stuff. I wanted to keep it a fresh summer cake. Lots of strawberries! The filling is rhubarb, strawberry and vanilla flavored whipped cream. Yum!

Thanks again to everyone! I love you all.

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