Happy Easter!

With this post I would like to wish you all a very happy Easter. I'm not going to be updating my blog during this holiday because I'll be very busy with the renovations of my kitchen. Yes! We have started the project! Wihoo!!!

I'm super excited even though I know all of my nails will probably end up braking. Ripping wallpaper off the wall, painting the ceiling and laying down new floors have the tendency to that. So I guess I will be kissing the easter mani goodbye before I even had the chance to do one. But I don't mind as long as I get my new kitchen.

I will be showing you pics during the renovations as I always do but today you only get the "before" pictures!

Ok, I know my kitchen isn't compleatly ugly. I love my new kitchen furiture, but the rest....OMG!

Functional but hiddeous!


Just kill me! Please!

Poop colored floor anyone?

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