2 x Nail Designs + epic fail?

Ok this is a vierd post I guess but I just had to show you guys what happend to me a while back when I was trying to do a star mani. As I had a couple of untried Klean Color metallics in my drawer I pulled out this georgeos metallic blue that I wanted to use as a background for some star stamping. The application was great and I felt happy about my choice. I then stamped some cute stars using a couple of different colored metallics from Stargazer and China Glaze. And I loved it!

(Design #138/139)

I put on some top coat and this is what happenend! WTF!?! I've used these colors for stamping before so I knew the Klean Color polish was the cause of this...

A bit annoyed and in need of more time to redo the stamping I instead put a coat flakies, Nubar 2010, on top. The next day I thought: 1 coat of top coat and 1 coat of nubar 2010 should make it safe for me to redo the stamping, so I did with another star image using Konads special polish in white.

Being even more happy about this mani I put another top coat on to seal the stamping and then look what happened!!! 
I guess it looks pretty cool with light blue stars but it turned out really patchy and I ended up removing it the next day. And oh the horror of stained nails. Damn!

Have a great weekend everyone <3

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Carly @ Lacquered Lover sa...

That's so crazy! I've never had that happen before but I don't really use Kleancolor because they REFUSE to dry on me!

HOwever for stained nails, the best trick is to brush your nails using a toothbrush and whitening toothpaste! It works wonders!

Framebasics sa...

Så otroligt fint med rymden på naglarna;)!
Jag följer din blogg från länge sedan för att få lite inspiration, speciellt när det gäller naglar och tack för det och fortsätt så;)!

Swååfie sa...

Whaaat?! This is soo weird! But I love the looks (before the topcoat :p) haha