Psst....I'm getting married!

Last wednesday I proposed to my boyfriend, and he said yes - good for him! :)

I don't know how common the saying that "it's ok for women to propose during leap years" but in Europe, or at least Sweden, it is. A very silly tradition really, since women are allowed to propose when ever they like. But I sort of got carried away and thought "what the h*ll - go for it!" So I did and yaaay we're getting married!

I'm normally not that traditional really. We have been engaged for 3 years without talking about marrige. So now that we're talking about a wedding I realize I'm far from traditional on that part too. What to do!?!

We need to set a date to start with. As for now we've decided that we will wait until next year because we need to save up some money first of all and then decide on a date that have some sort of meaning to us both. After that we need to decide if we want to do a "normal" wedding where we invite familly and friends or if we want to be rebelliois and elope. I think that the last option is more our style actually...because in the end we're not getting married for other peoples sake, but our own. We'll see.

How I did the proposal? Well, I bought him a box of chocolates, where the pralines spelled out: "Will you marry me?" (In swedish ofc)

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Congratulations :)

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