As I've told you before we are planning to redo our kitchen pretty soon. Remember we bought a new kitchen set to sort of make us realize how old and ugly everything else was? Well...I think it did the trick because the last week or two we've been talking and planning alot around the new kitchen. Yaay!

We are going to buy the new kitchen from IKEA. And yesterday I went to look at some final ideas together with one of my best friends Marie and her BF. My fiancy is being a big baby do to a very bad, and appearently deadly, cold. LOL! So he stayed home while he gave me the freedom to choose whatever I want. Moahahahaha! Fine by me!

After this trip I'm more than ready to get this done. I can't wait for my fiancy to feel better, b/c we need to go look on counter tops, flooring, wallpaper and glazed tiles. OMG! I'm so excited for this. I looove planning renovations like this.

I've been waiting so long to do this. Well...we bought our house 3 yrs ago and we sort of spent our money on all the other rooms to begin with. We sort of felt like we could use the old kitchen, and sure, there's nothing wrong with it really. I mean it's fully functional, but soooo ugly. If I have to look at that hideous orange linoleum carpet and those puke inducing yellow wallpapers for much longer I think I have to kill myself. Don't even get me started on the MF wallpaper border up by the ceiling...it has freaking grapes and wine bottles on them. Come on people, have some good taste FFS!

I hope you all had a great weekend. As you can tell, I did! Wihooo!

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