Nail care!

This will be a post about the products I use to try to keep my nails healthy. They get quite damaged from the polish and removers and I've found a few products that really works well. So here we go...

First out is two suppliments that I eat. B-vitamins and Silica, both of them help strengthen nails, hair and skin.

As for actual treatments that you put ON your nails I use a couple of products. Nail Envy is a product I just recently started to use. But after the first couple of times I really can see and feel a difference. The nail strengthner from ACO is a very light liquid that absorbs into the nail and makes it stronger. And the nail serum from Depend works great too, both on the nail and cuticles.

For dry skin and cuticles I use these two products the most. Aloe Vera Propolis creme from Forever Living and Lemon flutter from Lush.

My routine for nail care/ manicures is as follows:
1. I remove old polish with a non acetone remover. For glitter removal I use pure acetone though!
2. I phile my nails into wanted shape, if I need to.
3. I scrub my nails and hands off with a soft nail brush and a gentle soap. I use an Aloe Vera soap from the same brand as the propolis creme.
4. If I'm doing a colored nail I use the Nail Envy as a base coat. Otherwise I alternate the other nail treatments. Sometimes I use the one from Aco, other times I use the serum. And the next day I put nail envy on in two coats to protect the nail until next time I want to do a mani.
5. When I do colored nails, I always use a top coat too. My favorite right now is: China Glaze Fast Forward.

I never use my nails as tools! I use rubber gloves if I have to be in contact with doing the dishes and stuff. I try to keep my hands close to my body, to avoid clumsy breaks by slamming your hands into walls and stuff, lol!

Yeah, that's about it I guess.

Happy weekend everyone! // Linda

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