Eight year anniversary

Eight years ago, today, I had a "girls-night-out" to celibrate my new life as a single girl. I had no plans what so ever to get involved with a guy in the near future. I was planning on taking care of myself, doing what ever I wanted without having to consider someone elses feelings.

As I entered the club where we where going to spend our girls-night-out I had no intention of talking to anybody but my girls. But there he was. Standing at the bar with his big brown eyes looking like the teddy bear that he is. He looked at me and I could tell he had a wild side to him aswell.

We danced, we kissed, we talked the whole night through...

Little did I know that 8 years later we would have our own house, that we'd be engaged and have two furry children - our cat girls.

Why did I let him ruin my plans? Well...he's the love of my life, that's why! <3

I love you sweetheart!

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Kas sa...

Awwwww that's so sweet. Congrats!