The game is on!

We have a new kitchen table. Yaaay! When we bought the house the previous owners left this aweful looking kitchen table behind. We didn't bother buying a new one since we were planning of re-doing the kitchen pretty soon. We've lived in our house for 3 years now and we still haven't come around to the kitchen yet.

So last week I couldn't stand looking at that hidious table anymore and went shopping for a new one. I think when it's put in the room all the other things will look really old and gnarly, wich might help us get the motivation going for starting the renovation of the whole kitchen. At least that is my plan! LOL!

The old one....yyyyuuuck!!!! :(

The new one! Yaay! I love it!

4 kommentarer:

Marie G sa...

Oooh, really nice!!! Matches the rest of the kitchen a lot better already!

Linda Blixt sa...

Thanks! Yes, the whole kitchen feels brighter already. It fits perfectly. But the day when I'm able to go bananas and demolish the uglyness of this kitchen, I will be a very happy woman! :)

Ida Pie sa...

Den gamla hade man kunnat slipa och måla. Men det nya är snyggt!

Linda Blixt sa...

Ida, nej det hade man inte! :) Det var supergammalt och trasigt. Dessutom var bordet för högt mot stolarna så det var väldigt obekvämt.