Swatching mania!

I've been home sick from work for 3 days and since I recieved my display fans a while back  I decided to take the opportunity and start swatching. And boy, I've been swatching like a mad woman! LOL! After going through my collection of about 230 polishes I actually found some polishes I didn't like anymore and I decided to get rid of them. I haven't thrown them away, I'm still deciding on what to do with them. I might give them away to someone in need ;). But they are no longer a part of my collection, that's for sure.

So, I will show you some pics from my swatching mania...hope you like them!

I love the space on each stick! I write brand, number and name on them :)

The last ones drying...
Look at all the goodies :)
I used a cheap top coat for the sticks, good thing since half a bottle was needed
This is my new chair! Yaaay!

4 kommentarer:

PtiteMeve sa...

great job!
Love the way you display them!
Very nice desk too
I hope you are feeling better now

Anutka sa...

This is great! I need to work on mine this weekend :)

imfeelingnail-venturous sa...

Love those swatching sticks!!!! Lovely chair!

ScarsLikeLace sa...

Where do you get your little swatch stick/nail things? I have been using pencils, but these are much better! =D