Stressed out of my mind!

I don't want to spill my guts online and I don't want to sound like an ungreatful bitch with an attitude problem but today I feel so sick of people. I don't know, today I've had it!

Anyone else out there who works with costumer service? Anyone else who feels like punching the freaking daylights out of the next person who opens their mouth?

Why are people so flippin vierd? Can´t they do anything themselves? Sometimes I feel like I'm in a hidden camera show. It's amazing how dumb people are!

This post sure makes me sound like an evil bitch who's full of her self but I I'm working in a fucking mental institution. Maybe I'm the one who needs to be admitted, I don't know. LOL!

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Claudia sa...

I am in the same boat you are!
THe amount of stress increases exponentially during the holiday season, and my store's holiday catalog is about to hit in the next couple of weeks. And THAT is my department (Catalogue/Web Sales) So stress galore!
Hang in there!!!