The collection!

A pic from before I had to move into 2 more drawers. LOL!
 I have finally finished the document over my entire nail polish collection! I was laughing quite hard when I realized I had put the same number on 3 different bottles...I guess it's all the polish fumes that makes me confused!

To explain how I store my polishes and how I organize them I give you this picture. I swatch all my colors on nail wheels and number them. I then put a small sticker on every nail polish cap with a matching number. This method works best for me.

But this means that my document isn't organized by brand, but by the same numbers as my swatching wheels. Anyways...I'll stop jabbering and give you the link to the document instead. If you're interested click here. I might do another doc soon...organized by brand instead. I don't know...

For more pics of my storage click here.

I sooo need to photograph my nail weels aswell...

Bye for now!

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