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Design #113
 Bloody Halloween  
Halloween isn't a big holiday in Sweden...yet! It's sort of a new holiday for us but the last couple of years I've noticed a big change. There are now costumes available, orange pumpkins and kids go trick or treating aswell. So I guess we don't really have a choice but to start celibrating yet another american thingy...but I kinda like it! :)

So this mani is one quick and quite simple halloween nail art design I did for this weekend. I used a simple grey background to make a dramatic contrast to the alarming red blood. I would have used a white background if my white polish hadn't sucked so much. I picked this light grey instead. And then I used a dotting tool to make the blood. Simple but fun I think. Click here to see last years halloween mani.

And with halloween being such a new holiday in Sweden I also did my first ever carved pumpkin this weekend...what do you think? I actually can't wait for next year, so I can try out some other carving ideas that I have. LOL!

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