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Design #110
Gradient Blue

I really love this design. It turned out way better than I expected. The sponging is the best one I've done so far.I started off painting my nails a vivid blue, this is Isadora no. 78 - Bugatti Blue. I then sponged on a silver polish on the tips of my nails, using an ordinary make up sponge. The silver polish I used is an opaque silver foil polish from Color Club called "What a drag".

I could have left it at that but I took it one step further. I topped the whole thing off with a silver glitter polish from Essence called "Mystic Mermaid". It's a glitter polish with super tiny silver glitter that shifts in blue aswell. This made my gradient really perfect.

2 kommentarer:

imfeelingnail-venturous sa...

This is truly stunning! I love it!

Linda sa...

Thank you!