Give me a break!

I guess I have to begin this post by apologizing in advance for my bad temper. I'm blaming the hormons since I have the monthlies, lol!

This issue has been bugging me for quite some time now and today I've had it!

What's up with all the lame commersials talking about how wonderfully sexy and womanly you will feel while using certain products? I won't mention the brands here, b/c I refuse to do free advertising.

Hair shampoo that makes you sensual, tampons that makes your flow feel like butterflies, pads that makes your flow smell like roses, foundation that makes you feel like a real woman and so on. I'm so freaking sick of it!

There is no pink, glittery, cutesy, girly, sexy, sparkly thing in this world that makes menstration fun! Doesn't matter how many celebrities that say I'm worth it. I don't care! So f*ck off!

I'm a real freaking woman, not a barbie. I bleed, I puke, I poop, I don't bleach my a-hole, I have hairy legs if I don't shave and belive it or freaking menstruation smells! Deal with it!

Give me a break!

2 kommentarer:

Swååfie sa...

Thumbs up! :) I hear ya!

Marie G sa...

I'm with you, we're all human, not plastic dolls!!