I need YOUR help!

I came across this competion on facebook today, where you can win money to redo your bathroom by sending them a pic of yours. So I did and now I need your help! Please vote for my ugly f***ing bathroom by clicking the "like" button. Preeeeettyyyy please? Click HERE to go to my bathroom.

My bathroom is a joke! And it's not safe at all. It hasn't been redone since the 60's when the house was built. It has a built-in bathtub that makes it impossible to clean under. Some of the tiles are broken and back in the 60's there was no law on waterproofing your bathroom. That means that my bathroom is a danger to my house and could be to our health if we get a moisture damage.

And on top of everything, it's so freaking ugly! I can't stand to look at these baby blue tiles one more day. The rest of my house looks awesome after ALOT of redecorating but we haven't had the money to redo the bathroom yet. Wouldn't it be great if you all helped me make this dream come true?

Thanks ladies!

5 kommentarer:

Purple Fairy Dust sa...

Hey, I liked your bathroom and posted it on my page so some of my friends will hopefully do it :)

Good luck xx

Linda sa...

OMG! Thank you!!!!!

Nail Designs xox sa...

I liked it! Hope you win!

Linda sa...

Thank you so much! I hope I win too! LOL!

Lailaa R. sa...

I went and entered for you! I hope you win!! I actually think that your bathroom looks pretty cool the way it is, it just needs a little TLC : )