Birthday girls!

Ok, I admit it. I'm crazy! But then again, who isn't? Well...not everyone puts the madness out for public display like I do, but I don't mind you laughing and pointing fingers. I'm already engaged to a human being, so you can't call me the crazy cat lady anyways! LOL!

My furry twin girls turned 2 years old today. So I made them a birthday cake. Yepp, I told you! Craaazyyy! Psst....I did one last year too!

Liver mousse, chicken in jelly, wipped cream, egg yolk, dry food and the
Swedish flag on top!  
Siri did enjoy her cake :)
Iris did too!

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imfeelingnail-venturous sa...

Cute post! Happy Birthday to your cats!

Swååfie sa...


That's dedication! I like it.. And your cats are lucky =) Congrats!