Better late than never!

I just realized that I promised you pics of all the bargins I made on the road trip I took with my friend Marie a while back. So here is a really pic heavy post with all the crap I bought! Did I mention that the mall we went to is a low price sort of mall? Yeah, we went a bit crazy! :)

Apart from all this I also got some underwear...not showing you those! LOL! I'll be sharing other pics from the trip soon. Did you miss the mani for this trip? Click here to see it. Bye for now!

3 kommentarer:

LeonaCarolina sa...

What a haul! Love the dusky pink top, all of the rings, and the headband! You're so lucky :)

Linda sa...

Thank you! Yes I feel pretty luck actually. Me and my friend Marie had been planning this trip since march, saving up money to be able to go shopping crazy. It was awesome!

Anonym sa...

Awesome stuff!