Depend 115

Depend nr 115, en mörk krämig lila som jag älskar. Släng på lite glitter på den här och jag behöver aldrig ha något annat nagellack...kanske...eller jo...glöm va jag sa. Haha, snygg är den iaf.

English: This is a dark creamy purple from Depend that I love. Put some glitter on it and I could live with it on my nails forever...or maybe not...or could I?....oh no...forget it. I love it anyways. :)

2 kommentarer:

Jossie sa...

Looks creamy and vampy! Your nails are very long and they look super strong :-D

Linda sa...

Thanks Jossie! This pic is a few weeks old. My nails are not as long right now since I'm such a klutz sometimes...and appearances are deceptive you know! ;)