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Design #97

 Gold Glitter Mani(ac)

Jag använde: Två olika guldglittriga nagellack. Två lager med Lovies guldglitter (Nr. 123) och ett lager med "All about you" (Nr.921) från Sinful Colors. Samt dekorationer med ett vanligt svart lack. Detta kom från Depend.

I used: Two different gold glitter polishes. I started off with two coats of a goldglitter from a brand called Lovie (no. 123), wasn't satisfied and added one coat of "All about you" (No. 921) from Sinful Colors. Then I did a simple design with black polish, this one comes from Depend - a swedish inexpensive brand.

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Lailaa R. sa...

This is absolutely gorgeous! Love it!

Naktsmeita sa...