Nail Designs

Design #96
 Monarch Butterfly

Jag har använt: Två orangea lack från Depend, en ljus med skimmer nr 242, samt ett mörkare krämlack nr 24. Med hjälp av en make-up svamp har jag gjort naglarna gradvis mörkare neråt tippen. Sedan dekorerat nageln med svart akrylfärg och vitt nagellack.

I used: Two orange colors from Depend, a light with shimmer no. 242 and a darker creme no. 24. I used a sponge and made the nails gradient. Then did the butterfly deco using a black acrylic paint and white polish.

4 kommentarer:

Irishenchantment sa...

well done! this looks amazing

shel xx

Linda sa...

Thanx Shel! :)

Anonym sa...

This is awesome! I saw a manicure similar to this the other day and I fell in love with it. You did a REALLY good job!!!!! =)

Pam sa...

Awesome!! great job. I haven't tried this yet, but it is on my to-do list.