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Design #91

 Green Snake

Jag har använt: Color Clubs Magic Elf som bakgrund. Mönstret kommer från Konad imageplate m78, tillsammans med Konads svarta speciallack.

I used: Color Clubs Magic elf as a background. The pattern comes from Konads imageplate m78 along with the black special polish.

4 kommentarer:

Lady Pink sa...

Looks really good! :)

Jossie sa...

Like it!!!

Linda sa...


♥neelai♥ sa...

i love that mani! ooohhh... if i have my stamp kit i'll do it too. :) really love it! and i love your base color. :) by the way im a new follower a and a new member of Polish-aholics Anonymous. I love reading your blog. :)

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