Fresh start

I'm back at work after 3 weeks well deserved vacation. It's the first vacation I've had in years that hasn't involved breaking up with some dumb ass boyfriend, moving to a new flat or packing/preparing to move for the 100th time. I've had 3 wonderful weeks dedicated to ME, MYSELF and I.

I think this is the first time I actually feel good this year. I'm well rested. I'm inspired and I'm looking forward to engage myself in stuff this autumn. I have plans, goals, wishes and dreams again.

I've had an amazing summer! I spent the first week of my vacation in the northern parts of Sweden with my dad. The following two weeks where spent at home, doing nothing and everything.

We've had insane heat in Sweden this summer. It all started in May and hasn't really settled yet. We've had weather like the Mediterranean countries. About 26-33 degrees Celsius. I can't remember if I've ever been to the lake/beach as much as this summer. Love it!

Until next time...